Sweet Red Wine

Wine For Health

Those who are just starting to drink red wine tend to prefer the sweet red wine variety. Sometimes called ‘blush wines,’ or ‘dessert wine,’ sweet red wine is a good choice due to the fact that it has more health benefits as well, especially when compared to white wine. This is because red wine has some exposure to its skin, albeit briefly.

The leathery, tannin flavoring of red wine comes from the skin of grapes. All grapes are white and taste sweet underneath their skin. This is why grapes that only briefly include the skins in the wine making process, such as a zinfandel white will be very sweet and has less of a ‘tannin’ flavoring. It will also be lighter in color since the color of wine also comes from its skin.

Wines that are immersed along with their skins for a time will have a richer, darker color and will also be healthier. This is mainly because the health benefits of red wine come from its skin. Sweet red wine tastes almost like grape soda, and examples of this are white merlots and white zinfandels.

These wines are barely in contact with the skin so it is a great choice for complementing your roast beef dinner, but if you would prefer to drink the healthy variety, you will need to find wine that doesn’t taste so sweet.

Port is another kind of sweet red wine that has more alcohol than the usual wine and is thick and rich. It complements chocolate perfectly and is great to drink on holidays such as Christmas Eve as you sit by the fire. Port is a great way to get used to more sophisticated non-sweet wine since it offers complex, rich flavors.

Tannins are what causes your mouth to feel dry and getting used to them will take time. You can do this by moving on from blush wines to actual wines that have low tannin contents such as shiraz, chiantis or merlots.

Getting used to wine that is not so sweet will also expose you to the healthier components of wine. Although sweet red wine does offer health benefits from its brief exposure to the grape skins, less sweet wine will offer even more health benefits.

People who are not really into wine for its health benefits and drink solely for the flavor will love the different available red sweet wines. You can purchase a sweet red wine either online or in an actual wine store.

If you are new to buying wine talk to the manager of the store to see what he recommends. Make sure he understands you are looking for something sweet and nothing else will do. If you do not make this clear, you may end up with a very expensive bottle of non-sweet wine.

What kind of food does sweet red wine go with? Dishes that are made primarily out of meat go well with red wine. If you are serving stuffed turkey, duck, Cornish hens, chicken, beef or pork, your red wine’s sweetness will complement these main courses perfectly.